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Train pnr status ticket is a ten digit number printed on left hand corner of ticket reserved by passengers. Pnr status train ticket is a unique number which is assigned to all the passengers. Pnr train ticket status is result of the increasing government facilities in railways. Pnr train ticket status refers to the passenger name record. Pnr train ticket status lets people know their current status of booking specially if their ticket is in waiting list and it has to be confirmed. Ticket pnr status train also tells about the current location of the train. There are several ways through which you can check your PNR status of train ticket. Pnr train ticket status can be checked with the help of internet and mobile phones. You can also visit Indian Railways official website to check train pnr status ticket.

Methods To Check Train PNR Status Of Ticket

Some of the ways which can be used to find out train pnr status ticket are listed below:

1-You can check your PNR status using GPRS and then logging onto Indian railways website.

2-You can also send an sms to the number provided by the Indian railways and telecom operators to check pnr train ticket status. The text must have PNR followed by the 10 digit PNR number and send it to the 139 or anyother specified number. This service may be chargable.

Train pnr status ticket can also be checked by calling on the number provided by the Indian railway like 139, 1331, 1332 etc. and then following the instructions.

Online pnr status train ticket is available from 04:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs. The Indian railway inquiry has a toll free number for pnr status train ticket. You can call from any where in India, you can be using any phone service and this number is absolutely free.

Pnr status train ticket can also be checked from passenger information system. Train pnr status ticket can be checked by just typing train pnr status in any search engine like google, a list of websites will be displayed, from there you can also find out pnr status of your booked ticket. Pnr status train ticket is helpful to determine arrival and departure time of the train. Ticket pnr status train service is based on the system earlier used by Airlines for pnr status service. Ticket pnr status train service is looked after by enquiry department of Indian railways. The introduction of such services has lead to a better serving of Indian passengers. Ticket pnr status train minimizes the physical labour of the passengers as they do not have to run to station every now and then. Ticket pnr status train is available with sms, ivrs, phone and online too.

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