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Many people keep wondering about their train pnr status number after booking train tickets. To rescue passengers from undergoing such pains, Indian Railways have facilitated passengers to access information regarding pnr number status train online. To know the current pnr number train status while you are on the go was never so easy previously. Train pnr number status can be availed through SMS as well which not available in yesteryears. Passengers can book tickets and know pnr number train status as per their conveniences, accompanied by all information related to their travel and pnr number status train starting from departure to getting on to destination.

Importance of Train PNR Number Status

With advancement of technology booking tickets and knowing train pnr status number of same is no more a headache as you can book tickets online as well. Standing for hours in line for booking tickets or asking for train pnr number status is an old story now. Apart from train pnr status number and booking tickets, other value added services are also furnished by Indian Railways. It's a common scene of pnr number status train related hassle where people plan a holiday and do not get through train pnr number status. Indian Railways also offers its customers with special travel packages from time to time. Be it a holiday booking or a season special booking, pnr number status train is easy to be aware of. While you are on the go, you can still book tickets and get knowledge about pnr number train status of your train. Tracking train pnr status number via SMS is undemanding of all other ways.

Train PNR Status Numbers To Call

People living in major cities and metros enjoy benefit to avail train pnr number status by dialing to Indian Railways enquiry number. These numbers are as follows:

Sms:5676747; IVRS:1331,1332; Phone call: 139

More about Train PNR Status Number

Train pnr status number allows you to get instant information about berth availability and its recent pnr number train status. No matter what telecom network you follow, pnr number train status is readily available with all major telecom service providers. Train pnr number status can also be availed through SMS or fax facility. Indian Railways furnish state-of-the-art services to its customers with special emphasis on increased use of technology on day to day use; accessing pnr number status train through various modes of communication from any place at any point of time is one such instance.

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